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Welcome to the Art of Complexity! 

Two dimensional images of great depth

                      conveying a reality of parts and wholes -

         differentiating, polarizing, integrating, synthesizing, cohering,

                                          and lots of other fancy schmancy words

               to describe an exciting and hopeful new thinking, worldview, heartspace, and relating

                                                            emerging through myself and others in the world,

                               transcending and including the Modern and Postmodern to create . . .

                                                                                                                                 the Metamodern!

                                                                 (cue nefarious and playful laughter).

                                                                                  What a beautiful mess we have created.

                                                                                                So perfectly fucked up. 

                                                                                    Shall we dance while we figure this out?? 



About Me

I was born in Ontario, Canada. There were a lot of Canadians there. Most of them were pretty cool. My folks thought moving around during my childhood would be a good idea. To England, back to Canada, then on to New Jersey for 15 years of trying to make sense of Americans.

To cope, I would make art. The walls of my room (and sometimes the ceiling) were plastered with masterpieces of mediocrity. Then, each year, like the friends, cultures, and stability that were ripped away from me each time I moved, I destroyed my artistic gems and created something brand new. 

Four years of high school taught me that learning the dates of every war was more important than painting, music, and empathizing.


I moved to California and immediately went into a deep depression. Not only did the world not make any sense, but neither did I anymore. Everything that I thought defined me was stripped away, and through that abject despair I discovered a deeper SELF. After a series of profound spiritual experiences, I began to, little by little, recreat my self. The ultimate creation - a self . And like the walls of my bedroom, I get to create and destroy this impermanent self every day, every moment. 

A short time after, I met my beautiful wife and welcomed a wonderful step-daughter into my new family. I felt called to a career as a psychologist to help people heal horrendous trauma, find their SELF,  and to recreate their lives with the brush of their own empowerment. After listening to others express themselves all day, painting became a very soothing and soulful way to express myself

The stories and lives of my clients have profoundly affected both myself and my artwork. From the illumined heights of spiritual oneness to the dark depths of evil and trauma, I am, on a daily basis, both horrified by and in awe of what I see in us human beings. Which is why cats are the best. To try to make sense of this perfectly fucked up beautiful mess and express it through my artwork, I pull from Integral Theory, Spiral Dynamics, Metamodernism, Internal Family Systems, Complexity Science, and Spiritual Psychology.  ​​​

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